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Subject to Change: Class meeting times/room locations are likely to change as public health regulations are announced. Please regularly check your email and portal course schedule as more details for fall 2021 planning become available.
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Important Dates:

  • March 6-14 – Spring Break (no class in session)
  • March 18 – Deadline to drop a class with no academic record
  • April 16 – Deadline to request pass/fail grading, audit grading, or to withdraw from a class for a grade of W
  • March 26 - Cesar Chavez Day (non-instructional day)
  • April 5 - Course schedule for FA21 published to web
  • April 12 - Major Declarations due for Class of 2023
  • April 20-21-22 - Pre-registration for FA21

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COVID-19 Information

For current updates from the Regitrar's Office, please visit the COVID-19 Registrar Updates.

For other information regarding COVID-19 for the Scripps community, please visit our Emergency Preparedness homepage.

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