Add is CLOSED/Drop is OPEN. Drop deadline is October 20.

PERM submissions will not be approved.



Know your PERM level

  1. Once an instructor has responded to your PERM, the status will change. There are two levels of approval:
    1. Approved - you may register for this course. (All restrictions cleared.)
      1. Will allow students to register freely without restriction.
    2. Approved - you may register for this course. (All restrictions cleared unless section is closed.)
      1. Will only allow students to register in a course if there are available seats. If the course is full or there are no seats available to a specific group of students registration may not be allowed.

Course Schedule

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Important Dates

August 26

First Years register for classes

August 29

First day of class; add/drop reopens for all students

September 2

Rising Senior Meeting for students graduating fall 2022 or spring 2023

September 12

Add Deadline - Last day to add a class

October 15-18

Fall Break


Submitting Senior Thesis


Each completed senior thesis/project shall be uploaded to and permanently stored in The Claremont Colleges Digital Library’s Scholarship@Claremont site. Click here for information regarding digitizing thesis


1. Submit Senior thesis by the published deadline.


NOTE: The deadline to submit senior thesis is determined by the faculty of each discipline. Deadlines are published on the Senior Thesis Registration form. If a deadline is not available, students must consult with the department of their major for the deadline.


2. Submit your thesis directly to your thesis readers in the format of their choice. (As of fall 2019, hard-copies are no longer required to be turned into the Registrar's office).


3. Create an account at and submit your thesis to


NOTE: If requesting an embargo or exemption, please see the section Regarding Embargos and Exemptions below.


4. Submit your thesis information and (if applicable) your embargo or exemption form to the Senior Thesis Upload form


Regarding Embargos and Exemptions


  • EMBARGO – Students request an embargo when they wish to delay the publication of their thesis on Scholarship@Claremont. Embargos are generally for theses pending publication, pending patents, or containing work that is based on current faculty research that will conclude within 18 months. Students requesting an embargo must upload on the thesis submission deadline. Thesis will be held on the platform until the embargo has expired. Students are still required to upload to Scholarship at the time they submit their thesis.
  • EXEMPTION – Students requesting an exemption do not upload their thesis. Students must provide an electronic copy (PDF) of their thesis to the Registrar’s Office by uploading to the Senior Thesis Upload Form.


NOTE: Submitting an embargo still requires upload to Scholarship. Students seeking an exemption must complete and upload the exemption form to the Senior Thesis Upload Form along with a digital (PDF) copy of their thesis. Exemption forms are subject to review by the Dean of Faculty.



Senior Resources

Major/Minor Resources

Senior Major Forms (PDFs)

  • Use these forms to plan your major

Senior Minor Form (PDF)

  • Use this form to plan your minor

Off-Campus Major Form (PDF)

  • Use this form to plan your off-campus major

Senior Course Substitution Form (PDF)

  • Use this form if you are using a different course than what is listed on the major/minor forms if a Senior Major form has already been submitted.

Senior Thesis Registration Form for Non-Science Majors (Online form)


Major and Minor information (Scripps Catalog)

Major Declaration Form

  • Use this form to declare your major (For First Years, Sophomore, and Juniors)

Minor Declaration Form

  • Use this form to declare your minor (For First Years, Sophomore, and Juniors)


Completed declaration forms may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office in Balch Hall 121 or emailed with the requisite signatures to

Other Student Resources


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